A Book-Lover’s Candy Store: Libraries

What book blog is complete without a post about libraries?

Having just visited a beautiful library myself, I’d like to open this post up to all of my loyal fans and ask that you write in with a library (or libraries) that you have personally visited. Please tell us which library you were at, a link to it, and a brief description of what made it especially awesome!

I’ll go first to get things going: Last week I went to the University of Toronto’s Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and it was as glorious as ever:



With roughly 700,000 holdings, this library is the largest of its kind in Canada, and ranks third (I think) in North America. Their claims to fame are a Shakespeare First Folio, one of the largest Alice in Wonderland collections in the world, and a Babylonian cuneiform tablet, among many other gems and rarities.

Their website is http://fisher.library.utoronto.ca but it’s not tremendously exciting. If you want pictures to feast your eyes on, I suggest doing a simple Google search for Fisher Library images, and sit back and enjoy!