Budget woes and Pervy Patrons

Today’s post focuses on those hallowed institutions we learn to love at a very early age: Libraries.

An article released yesterday by the New Glasgow News is distressing for people who know that library budgets are already tight. Libraries wary of tax proposal on books is scary enough,but the opening line of the article is enough to bring a tear to the eye. “[I]f the Liberal government goes ahead with its plan to put the provincial portion of the HST on printed books, it would end up costing the library an additional $10,000 a year.” Click here for the full story. 

Every so often, you hear of unsavoury behaviour happening in public libraries and it seems impossible until the evidence proves  that people can be weird, incomprehensible creatures. There was the Case of the Mystery Urinator in Leaminton, Ontario in December 2012, and right now, there is more head-shaking behavior coming from Windsor, Ontario. CBC.ca reports, in Live sex shows streamed from Windsor libraries.
Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.39.06 AM
*Fontainebleau branch of Windsor Public Library. Image retrieved from http://www.windsorpubliclibrary.com/?page_id=1392

Don’t Miss Out – The 2015 OLA Super Conference is just around the corner!

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 9.46.43 AM*

In case you haven’t already heard, OLA Super Conference 2015 kicks off next week, with the first sessions beginning at 9AM on Wednesday, January 28.

Check the schedule for all the fantastic sessions happening all day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and from 9:15-3 on Saturday.

Click here for a list of the keynote speakers, and click here for information on the Expo. Follow OLASC 2015 on Twitter at #OLASC2015. See you there!

*image retrieved from http://www.olasuperconference.ca